Rocky Mountain High, Colorado

It’s an unusual cold dreary day in Colorado today, but a perfect day to catch up on the blog.

We’ve been in Colorado for almost a month now, but I’m going to back up to where I left off on the last blog.  

The last blog was put together by Jeff, ”from the driver’s seat”.  His life on the road is a little different from mine. He’s the one pulling the trailer, as I co-pilot our way down the road.  

As we left San Antonio we headed into northwest Texas.  Although, there is very little to see with such a vast openness, surprisingly, it was beautiful and quite majestic, just seeing all the openness for miles and miles.  We talked about how the earlier settlers passed through this land, and what they might have thought about the new and different country they were now entering.

From Texas we spent a week in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  We were excited to arrive in Santa Fe, as we had visited there once before and really enjoyed it.  Santa Fe is a nice size community of about 84,000. The town is known as an artist community, (think Georgia O’Keeffe) their adobe style architecture and the Native American influence of the region.  Santa Fe is a high desert region at 7200 ft. elevation. The days were hot, yet cooled down nicely at night. We did a lot of desert hiking.  The topography was different from our usual hikes, but it was still very beautiful. We visited a few smaller art communities of Madrid and Cerrillos located on the Turquoise Trail.

From New Mexico we headed north to Colorado.  Our first stop was at Trinidad State Park. Trinidad is a small town in south central Colorado with a population of about 10,000.  The park was beautiful and it was nice to get into an area with green forest again. It’s not hard to tell that marijuana is now legal in Colorado.  I think there were more dispensaries in Trinidad than there were gas stations and grocery stores combined. My guess is that the town’s main source of economic development was in the dispensaries.  While visiting downtown one afternoon, we came across a roller skating rink on Main Street.  Jeff used to be quite the roller skater so we spent an afternoon on the rink. I must admit, he’s still got it.  

From Trinidad, we headed up to Denver, where our daughter Lindsay relocated last September.  Our other daughter, Carly and her husband Randy and their baby, McKenna flew in from Seattle to visit. Lindsay, Carly, McKenna and I all celebrate our birthdays in early May, so it was a week of birthday celebrations.  We decided that since it was such a special week that we would rent a house up in Breckenridge and do our celebrating there.  It was a perfect week, and we felt pretty lucky to spend it with the kids and most especially to spend so much time with McKenna and help her ring in her first birthday.

From Denver, we landed ourselves a house-sitting gig in Colorado Springs for two weeks (which is where we are currently)  We have house sat on a few other occasions on different trips, and have always enjoyed the experience. For those of you that are not familiar with house-sitting, there is a website ( that list people looking for someone to stay at their house and take care of their animals while they are away.  In turn, we get free accommodation, and have a lovely house to stay in. Our current house-sit has worked out perfectly for us.  We are located just outside of Colorado Springs in a beautiful home on a 5 acre parcel that backs up to the mountains. We are taking care of 3 horses, 3 yellow labs, 1 cat and 6 chickens.  Since we lived on a farm in Hartland, we are very familiar with the farm/animal life. It’s been a great stop for us and Ola now has new best friends in Colorado.

It’s really nice to have a home base to explore the area.  We’ve done quite a bit of hiking, drove up to the summit at Pikes Peak, hiked Garden of the Gods, and Red Rocks, visited Boulder, explored downtown Colorado Springs and spent time doing some shopping to restock the trailer as we move into the summer months.  We will be sad to leave the house-sit but are excited to continue on the road. We will cross the Rockies as we start heading to the National Parks that we have been so excited to experience.  

We have just hit our 6 month mark on the road.  It’s been a really great experience, and although, we have seen so much there is still so much more to see.  I think we could travel for many years and still not see everything there is to see.

As summer is arriving, I encourage everyone to get out and see and do something new.  

I hope everyone is enjoying Spring!  I know that we are!!

Loving our life in Valhalla!


Erin, Jeff……….and Ola

5 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain High, Colorado

  1. Pictures are really good. I totally know what you mean about legal weed in Colorado – I’ve been out there for business a couple times since it went legal, and wow. Right out in the open and not shy about lighting up in most places. Seemed a little strange. I love Colorado and that whole “west” vibe. Great post.


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