New Mexico-From behind the wheel

Greetings from Santa Fe,

After a week in Elephant Butte State Park we are on the road again.  There’s always a learning curve to our travels and New Mexico did not disappoint.  Adjusting our travel day around the weather is something new to us, with high winds forcasted we changed things around.  Westerly winds with gusts at 65 mph means stay off the roads with the trailer. I thought I would share some of our daily driving experiences with you.  You’ll find there are some real differences in the “Land of Enchantment”

As we left Elephant Butte on a two lane highway out of town, it is very clear where the edge of town is.  At that specific spot, a cattle guard will be placed. This keeps New Mexico’s free range cattle from wondering into town.  Also…….mind your coffee.  So it’s simple, get in the right lane and drive. With both hands on the wheels, our trip that day was scheduled to take 2hrs and 53 minutes. Make sure you have a top notch co-pilot and your set to hit the road.

Below are some pictures of day to day signs and other unusual roadside attractions that make our travel days interesting.  

After arriving safely to Santa Fe Skies RV park we went right to work.  Each time we move we add an additional 2.5 hours to our travel time for set-up and tear-down.  200 to 300 driving miles per day is just right. Our longest day so far was 400 miles,  that was a long day.

While in Santa Fe we had a couple short travel days to a few art communities just south of the city.  I would recommend visiting Cerrillos and Madrid, located on the Turquoise Trail. A very nice drive through some of New Mexico’s beautiful countryside.  Below are a few pictures from our day trips there.

Greetings to all from the drivers seat.

Jeff……….Erin and Ola

5 thoughts on “New Mexico-From behind the wheel

  1. Hey, Erin and Jeff! Sounds and looks fabulous! I had to laugh about the Coyote Crossing sign bc that is the name of the road/two-track I take to my hair stylist’s house up here! And we hear coyotes out our window on occasion. Is that a space ship over the cow? I know NM has that history! 🙂 Keep the updates coming. We love hearing about your adventures. Just think, a year ago we were in Split together. In fact, I think today is the day Kev and I departed for Venice. Good memories!! Love you guys! Bets and Kev


    1. Hi Bets,
      We are loving this trip, but if I had to trade where we are today, I would trade to be back in Split.
      We are currently in Utah and enjoying the National Parks. They are truly a wonder to see. We’ve taken a lot of photos although they never seem to capture the beauty that is in front of us.
      Hope your summer is off to a great start!


  2. II thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. I loved the unusual signs you posted which tells us a lot about the states
    you are traveling through. Keep remembering how lucky you are to be able to do this. Love Irene


    1. Hi Irene,
      Don’t worry, we remember every day how lucky we are to be doing this.
      We are currently in Utah and enjoying the National Parks. It’s hot, but the humidity is low which helps with the high temperatures.
      It was so nice to see you in December, hopefully, if we are back in Georgia, we can stop by again.
      Enjoy your summer.


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