Georgia, South Carolina, back to Georgia

Hello again from Georgia,

Since the last post we have departed Northern Georgia, arrived in South Carolina and are currently back in Savannah Georgia.  Tomorrow we will head to St Augustine, Florida where the temperatures are said to be in the mid 70’s.   

After departing  Red Top Mountain State Park we arrived in Charleston, South Carolina. The hustle and bustle from driving through Atlanta is long forgotten when you arrive in Charleston. As they say, things just seem to slow down in the south.  Charleston is a lovely historic town offering coastal beauty, a vibrant downtown, historic houses and oodles of Southern charm . There were many things we enjoyed about the city, but the best part of Charleston is that Carly, Randy and McKenna were able to come down and join us for a few days.  We also enjoyed a nice dinner with Jeff’s niece and her husband, Jen and Brad and their three-year old son Max.

While in town we toured the historic Nathan Russell house, wandered up and down King Street where they offer delightful shopping, made our way to the Atlantic Ocean and enjoyed a few craft beer establishments and dined on some excellent food.  As an extra bonus for us, Amanda Platt and the Honeycutters, one of our favorite bands that we have followed at the Ark were playing in town. We were able to get tickets and had an outstanding time.  By far, the best evening of the trip thus far!

In Charleston, we stayed at  James Island State Park where they offer great hiking and biking, an extra bonus was the evening Christmas light display.

 The park offered a great dog park.  Each day Ola enjoyed swimming to her hearts delight while frolicking with 20-50 other dogs.  She was exhausted each day  but was in dog heaven!  Although, I must admit I was a little concerned when this sign was posted at the entrance of the park.

From Charleston, we had a short easy drive down to Savannah.  We are currently camped at Skidaway Island State Park.  The park is just outside of Savannah, and is part of Georgia’s Intracoastal waterways. The park is very tranquil with Oak and Cyprus trees laden with  Spanish moss.  The park offers a 6 mile hike along the marshes and through the woods. We have walked the trail each day and have marveled at the new sites we see each time.  Yesterday, we spent the day in Savannah and walked the city. The city was originally layed out in a one mile grid with 16 squares equally dispersed within that area.  The city is very walk-able with lots of pedestrian streets lined with magnolia trees and stately homes from the Civil War era.  The main thoroughfare in town leads you to Forsythe Park where we enjoyed visiting the Farmer’s Market which was selling fresh produce.  It’s such a treat to be able to purchase freshly grown produce in December.  

We continue to be amazed at how easy it is for us to live in a 25ft trailer.  There is nothing that we want for and enjoy living the minimalist lifestyle.  As our plan has been, we are in a climate that we are able to spend the majority of our time outside and hope that will continue as our journey progresses.  Last Friday was our 4 week anniversary since departure and we really don’t know how that happened so quickly.  The first month has flown by and we are concerned that the next 17 will pass just as fast as this one has.  We hope not……. our goal is to enjoy each and every day of this wonderful life that we are living.

We hope that you are all doing well, and that you are getting ready to enjoy the festive holiday’s that are just around the corner.  

Loving our life living in Valhalla and still chasing 70 degrees!

Erin and Jeff


2 thoughts on “Georgia, South Carolina, back to Georgia

  1. The alligator part gave me pause, but the pics are great. St. Augustine is part of my old stomping grounds. You will have a lot of fun there. My brother lives up the coast a bit in Jacksonville so we get there on occasions. Have a wonderful Southern Christmas! And, stay safe!


    1. The alligator sign gave me pause as well. After doing a little research I’ve found that if it’s below 70 degrees they are fairly dormant.
      I’ll be keeping my eye on the weather for sure while we are in Florida.
      Hope you are far enough removed from the fires in CA. What we are seeing on the news is devastating.
      Merry Christmas from Florida!


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