Departing Ann Arbor

With just a few days before we depart things have been quite a whirlwind.  Things are coming from all directions, and its difficult to decide the priority.  We have rented our home and it’s been a challenge to get everything packed away and ready for the new tenants.  Besides getting the house ready, we have really been focusing on what to bring with us and what to leave behind.  There is more to that statement than I would have guessed.  We are trying to keep to a minimal amount but the piles continue to multiply as we sleep.

What We Need

I recently read a blog post from a full-time Airstreamer who gave a list of things that they have taken on the road that we had not thought about.  Most of the items were safety items that hopefully we may never need but after a quick Amazon order we now have them.  I never would have thought I needed to purchase a device to cut me out of my seat belt, or a life straw personal water filter, but I have them now just in case.

What We’ll Miss

Along with the packing and organizing it is time to say good-bye to family and friends and all the things we love about Ann Arbor.  Our family and friends are used to us picking up and traveling for extended periods.  We know they will be here when we get back and we will look forward to the reunion.  Our kids are spread around the country and we will be able to visit all of them along the way.

We will miss all the things we love about Ann Arbor.  During our last week we will have the opportunity to watch three U of M women’s basketball games (we are big fans)  and also attend The Ark, which is considered one of the top music clubs in the world.  We will also take the time to dine at some of the fine restaurants that Ann Arbor offers and of course, enjoy the city parks that we love so much.

We are excited to visit new towns along the way and enjoy some of their special offerings.  Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, mountain climbing, music venues, farmer’s markets, street fairs and festivals or just a “not to miss cafe”  in anywhere USA we hope to find all the great spots.

If  you’ve been to or know of any great spots not to be missed, please let us know.

If you see a 25ft Classic Airstream driving down the road with a black dog looking out the window, two people in the front singing,  and it’s around 70 degrees, there’s a good chance that will be us.  Loving our Life in Valhalla!

Erin and Jeff

3 thoughts on “Departing Ann Arbor

  1. Thinking about you today, riding down the highway. Adventure awaits! So excited for you both and I’m so looking forward to following along. Enjoy every minute!


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