Airstream Renovation- 101

Searching for the perfect airstream is a long tedious process.  Our first look was at an old beat up 1970’s  airstream, to put it simply, it was frightening.  After that first look, it was time to step back and figure out what we really wanted, what was within our budget and what was available.  We knew that we didn’t want a new airstream, although they are lovely, they are all fairly similar to each other and we wanted to find one and make it ours.  Luckily we weren’t in a hurry and although I will admit, I was obsessive in the search, after several months, we found what we were looking for.

Our history is to find something that needs lots of love and attention, and over time, create something that shows something about who we are. This is our house when we bought it, and this is our house when we finished it.  It took time and patience to get our home to where we wanted it to be, but we had the vision and turned it into a home that fits us.  This is what we were hoping to do with our airstream.

After a long search we found a 2003 25ft Classic airstream in Louisville KY.  The owner had taken excellent care of it and before we knew it, it was sitting in our drive, waiting to be updated to what we visioned.

The exterior was in great shape as well as the plumbing, heating/cooling and electrical.   All we needed to do is decide on the look that we wanted and get to work.  The first things that had to go were all the mirrors on the cabinet doors, (they were everywhere) the carpeting, the floral couch and the standard camper woodwork. So out came the carpeting, woodwork, mirrors and couch.  We replaced the carpeting with wood floors,  the cabinets with a more modern cabinet face, the couch was re-upholstered, we added new sinks and faucets, new cabinet hardware, laminated the wood tabletops and backsplash, updated the tv, built extra storage under the beds and raised the beds 4 inches to create additional storage space.  We enjoy cooking and had limited counter space so we removed the pantry and storage cabinet, and put in a full size counter top, with pantry drawers below.



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After several months of work,  we are pretty much done.  We are happy with the new look and the few times that we have used it, it seems to meet all of our comfort needs.  Adding  additional counter space was a good move as well as adding dedicated storage space for off season clothes, maps, computers, phones, keys, etc.  As we get ready to depart on our extended trip we are feeling pretty good about where and how the two of us and our dog , Ola, will survive living in a 25ft trailer.  This isn’t our first travel rodeo, so off we head to our new Life in Valhalla!

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If you see a 25ft Classic Airstream driving down the road with a black dog looking out the window, two people in the front singing,  and it’s around 70 degrees, there’s a good chance that will be us.  Loving our Life in Valhalla!

Erin and Jeff

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